Why Dina-Hitex Drapes?

Dina-Hitex “Barrier System” safely protects patients as well as surgical team. It minimizes risk of infection transmission during surgery.

Apart from basic types and sizes of drapes, we produce sophisticated surgical covers for all kinds of surgeries.

The design of drapes combines functional materials and integrating fixative accessories. Due to this, each drape has necessary qualities required for a particular surgery.

What are fixative accessories?

Adhesive tapes, zones, incision foils, forming wire brace, Velcro.

All that helps to keep drapes at required position during surgery, which eliminates fluid leakage and potential transmission of infection.

Drapes intended for surgeries of higher fluid occurrence are equipped with fluid collection pouches.

Haven´t you found what you are looking for? Please contact us! We can create a drape according to your requests.

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