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Dina-Hitex barrier system is formed by combination of functional materials and integrative components.

Simple drapes for short surgeries are produced from two layer materials, whereas drapes for demanding surgeries are made from materials of various properties required for certain surgery.

Drapes are reinforced around field of operation in such a way to resist physical pressure and critical zones are assured with highly absorbent material.

Drapes intended for surgeries of high liquid occurrence are equipped with fluid collection pouches.


Basic pouches for general use have 1, 2 and 3 compartments.

Back side of pouch is equipped with adhesive tape to be attached to exposed place, front side has a plastic brace to form the pouch shape.

Pouches can be supplied separately or with a drape.

Specific pouches intended for particular surgeries (arthroscopy, Caesarean, gynaecology) are fitted with functional components such as filter, drainage port, measuring scale, elastic cuff, etc.

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